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Close Call!

I keep two roosters loose now, a standard aracauna with a bad foot and a cochin bantam.
Today I came out to open the coops, and I was met with every chicken keeper's nightmare - a pile of white feathers in the yard, with a trail leading into the woods.

My aracauna, Valentine was my first concern, but he was limping around the corner to greet me as if nothing had happened.
So next I worried about Snip, my mixed breed hen with a knack for escaping through a closed gate.
But she came out with the others when I opened the coop door.
And the cochin, Jackle was happily following me while I was investigating all of this.

It was a mystery until I got a better look at Valentine, and noticed the ragged feathers on his backside and dried blood on his comb.
and the feathers are definitely his coloring.

All that I can think of is that something must have tried to take Valentine, and he fought it off.
I was so glad to find him okay that I gave him a whole hotdog!
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