Amarook (amarook) wrote in chickenstories,

Size difference in RIR chicks.

3.5 weeks old, originally uploaded by Amarook.

FYI the reason the one has a yellow zip tie on it's leg is because I read some where on that the RIR chicks with a stripe on their head indicated it might be female. So just for the heck of it my Jeffrey helped me band the ones with stripes to see what happens.

Out of the 9 birds I have left, 6 of them are about the same size as the one on the left. The one on the right is the smallest of the bunch. I have one only a tad bigger than that one with spraddle legs. It has improved drastically since when we first discovered it was spraddle.
The 3 of the smaller birds is in between the biggest and the smallest size-wise.

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