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More photos and videos of my chickens, but in daylight instead of in the coop at night.

Here are some more poultry pictures. But instead these are out in the yard.

Most of these were taken while I was sitting on the ground with bread. They are like little terrorists I tell ya! Specially Luna, she's a sneak.

Here's what started this session.

Good close up of Fluff P. My black Cochin Bantam.

Actually caught Goldy today! My Gold Sebright. Also a Bantam. She used to be bolder than Luna when she was younger.
I don't know what changed there.

Gertrude. I think she has grown into a lovely little red hen.

Un-named Black Australorp giving me the eye.

Clovis I was mad at him today. He beat on Ling ling. Jerk


My feather! No it's my feather! 2 silly Black Australorps playing Tug o war with one of Luna's feathers.

Clovis and the "ladies" have taken to investigating the fire pit every chance they get. I haven't figured out what is so interesting.

See that big plant in the background in the pic above?

That's my monster zucchini plant growing out of my compost heap. It is NOT fooling around.

A portrait of Ms. Flake.

And here's a video of her wandering around the yard.

What happens when I scatter some scratch grains.

And then Clovis and the ladies figured out what was going on...

They really do provide fun yard entertainment. I would rather sit and watch them interact than watch TV anyday.

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