Amarook (amarook) wrote in chickenstories,

R.I.P. Fluff P. (My neice named her.)

This afternoon I discovered several of my birds were missing. I then discovered a pile of black feathers behind the coop. (They were free ranging like they do most days.) Everyone came home except Fluff. And I don't think she's going to. I think either a neighbor's cat, or the hawk got her.
I really don't think it was the dog. If it was there would've been a lot more damage, and carnage than one slow moving bird.

She was the only bantam cochin I had. She was a nice little bird.

Here's a cell phone pic from when she was a youngster.

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Awww, I'm sorry for your loss. :( I lost a similar-looking cochin this summer to heatstroke and I was very saddened by her death. I still have trouble thinking about it because it was so sudden and sad for her to go like that! She was my little brother's favorite chicken.

I hope your girl didn't suffer, and may she rest in peace.

I had a similar story with a Rhody I had, but she returned after a day. She'd been attacked, but she must have been hiding somewhere, scared out of her wits for the day. I looked everywhere, but I guess she'd found a good spot to hide. Maybe that will be true for your hen too. I hope so!