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A 'little' chicken story.

Yesterday morning there was a Sheriff at my door... At 7:30am!
Here one of my neighbors complained about my chickens being in their yard. Instead of being decent neighbors and talking to me about it they called the sheriff!!! grr. He was very nice about it though, and just asked me if we could keep them penned up. We live in a neighborhood, but it's a pretty rural area, and other people have chickens too. 3 houses down from me a lady has horses in her front yard.
We plan on fencing in our whole yard at some point, but don't have the money for that just yet. So in the meantime we are going to have to make their run bigger.
I have an idea who it was... it just figures to, cause I was planning on taking each neighbor a dozen eggs to thank them for tolerating them. I gave some to one family, but hadn't gotten around to the others yet. I still may do that, then maybe they will feel bad for complaining.

Anyone else ever have neighbor troubles?

Anywho.. onto my little story.

This morning, as usual I went out to check on the chickens, and collect eggs. I just left the door to their run open overnight. I was greeted by my poor imprisoned chickens. They were wondering when they were going to come out.

And I was loudly greeted by Ling ling who was enjoying a morning swim. Flake likes to pretend humans don't exist.

I open the door to the coop, and little Miss Luna immediately flies out and starts her peck and scratch routine.
She is the boldest of the chickens, which is funny cause she's one of the smallest. She does whatever she wants too.
She will actually sit on my shoulder when I'm handing out treats.

I go into the coop, 3 eggs were right by the door, but there was another back in a corner under the roosts.
I couldn't reach it so I had to get my herding stick to pull it to where I could grab it.
While I'm doing that, I start hearing noises coming from above.

It sounded like eggs being rolled around on plastic. (They LOVE to hide their eggs.)
I got a little step stool, and tried to look up there, but I couldn't see anything.
I stuck the camera up through the hole, and viola.

Goldy giving me the stink eye. She is the opposite of Luna. lol

I chased her out of there. Boy did she yell at me. She sounded like a small rooster. lol
She joined Luna out in the yard. (I'm not worried, they won't roam without the rest of the flock.)

She was hoarding 3 eggs up there. And I'm sure that number would've grown had I not found this hidey hole.

Silly little chicken. I wonder if there are any other surprises up there. oy.
And here I thought chickens HAD to have nice cooshy bedding for laying their eggs.

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I had a neighbor complain at my old home but not to the cops. As it was I ended up moving so that I could have my chickens in peace.