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New girls!

I added 2 new girls to my flock. I barred plymouth rock, and a buff orpington. 
I've been wanting a buff since last year. :D My hubby expressed an interest in the barred rock so he shall be naming her. I am trying to pick a name for the buff.

Here's a pic.  She is 6 months old, and is such a fluffly butt. I love her. They are SUPER tame too as they were being taken care of by 3 boys. If you go to pick one up they just hunker down and wait for you to grab them. :)

Poll #1521744 A name for the buff...?

Of these 3 which would you pick?


If none of the above, suggestions?

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And here's a better look at the barred rock.

My little silver sebright Luna thinks she is the boss of the flock, and here she was making sure they knew it. 

Silly little bird. LOL!
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A 'little' chicken story.

Yesterday morning there was a Sheriff at my door... At 7:30am!
Here one of my neighbors complained about my chickens being in their yard. Instead of being decent neighbors and talking to me about it they called the sheriff!!! grr. He was very nice about it though, and just asked me if we could keep them penned up. We live in a neighborhood, but it's a pretty rural area, and other people have chickens too. 3 houses down from me a lady has horses in her front yard.
We plan on fencing in our whole yard at some point, but don't have the money for that just yet. So in the meantime we are going to have to make their run bigger.
I have an idea who it was... it just figures to, cause I was planning on taking each neighbor a dozen eggs to thank them for tolerating them. I gave some to one family, but hadn't gotten around to the others yet. I still may do that, then maybe they will feel bad for complaining.

Anyone else ever have neighbor troubles?

Anywho.. onto my little story.

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Size difference in RIR chicks.

3.5 weeks old, originally uploaded by Amarook.

FYI the reason the one has a yellow zip tie on it's leg is because I read some where on that the RIR chicks with a stripe on their head indicated it might be female. So just for the heck of it my Jeffrey helped me band the ones with stripes to see what happens.

Out of the 9 birds I have left, 6 of them are about the same size as the one on the left. The one on the right is the smallest of the bunch. I have one only a tad bigger than that one with spraddle legs. It has improved drastically since when we first discovered it was spraddle.
The 3 of the smaller birds is in between the biggest and the smallest size-wise.